Product Developement

Kaneka Corporation

Kaneka Corporation, established in 1949 and headquartered in Japan, is a technology driven global conglomerate backed by extensive Research & Development with highly diversified product portfolio. Kaneka has turnover of over US 5 Billion with more than 8500 employees. The company produces Chemicals, Functional Plastics, Expandable Plastics and Products, Foodstuffs Products, Life Science Products, Electronic Products, Synthetic Fibers and Others.

Kaneka Corporation, among others, manufactures premium quality ingredients for the nutritional supplement and food & beverage industries. Kaneka commenced its nutritional ingredient product line in 1977, with Kaneka Q10 (Coenzyme Q10). Safety, Reliability, Quality, & Purity has been Kaneka’s mantra for success enabling the company to remain global leader in CoQ10 ingredient & to commercialize the first CoQ10 more than 30 years ago as a prescription pharmaceutical in Japan.

Process innovation and flexible manufacturing coupled with compliance to the highest standards of QA & QC enable Kaneka to meet many customers' inquiries with professional solutions. Kaneka strives to be a "Producer of Reliability."
Kaneka QH™Ubiquinol

The next generation of CoQ10, Kaneka QH™Ubiquinol is supported by more than 10 years of research. Ubiquinol is manufactured exclusively by Kaneka Corporationunder the brand name Kaneka QH™. Ubiquinol helps sustain the body’s natural energy, protect cells from damage, slow the aging process, and promote the overall health of the heart and other vital organs. It is the advanced form of CoQ10 that is more easily utilized in the body, especially for people with compromised immune systems or those over 30 years of age.

Kaneka researchers have developed a unique manufacturing process to extract highly promising components from licorice root (Glycyrrhizaglabra L.), an herb known to have established uses for over six thousand years. The resultant extract is named Glavonoidwhich received Novel Food approval from the European Commission in November 2011. Glavonoid contains about 30% licorice glabra polyphenols and is standardised on 3% glabridin, its major active component.Importantly, Glavonoid is free from glycyrrhizinic acid, a phytochemical that has been documented as having 'cortisone-like' side-effects, such as hypertension. Glavonoid offers a unique dual action in fighting visceral fat, thanks to its ability to activate the body’s fat metabolism and suppress fat synthesis. Studies have demonstrated that an intake of 100 mg Glavonoid per day burns 130 kcal of body fat. The extract can be processed in food supplements and beverages. Suitable for all kinds of weight management products, it can also be included in products aimed at the sports and fitness market, as well as healthy aging.

Kaneka Glavonoid