Licorice Flavonoid Oil Effects Body Weight Loss by Reduction of Body Fat Mass in Overweight Subject

The weight-reducing effect of LFO in a placebo-controlled, double-blind, long-term (12 weeks) ingestion is studied at 300 mg/day, the minimal effective dose observed in the dose finding study.

Body weight increased in the placebo group, but was maintained at close to pre-ingestion level in the LFO group, resulting in significant (p < 0.05) differences in the changes in body weight and BMI between the LFO group and the placebo group at each time-point. To confirm the safety of LFO for practical uses, double-blind safety study in 40 overweight subjects with a 4-week excessive ingestion at 1800 mg/day; 6 times the dose of the 300 mg/day study was conducted that exhibited a weight-reducing effect. The study suggests LFO is a safe ingredient for functional foods even for long-term or excessive ingestion, with a potential weight-reducing effect.

Journal: Journal of Health Science

Authors: Yuji Tominaga, Tatsumasa Mae, Mitsuaki Kitano, Yoshiro Sakamoto, Hideyuki Ikematsu, Kaku Nakagawa


Functional Food Ingredients Division, Kaneka Corporation;

Life Science Research Laboratories, Life Science RD Center, Kaneka Corporation;

Kamiitabashi Clinic;

Haradoi Hospital

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