Supplemental Ubiquinol in the Treatment of Heart Failure; Five Year Experience

Based on the initial study published in 2008, Dr. Langsjoen expanded the number of patients on Ubiquinol. For a variety of markers associated with cardiovascular function ranging from plasma CoQ10 levels to ejection fraction, the Ubiquinol form showed better benefit with less amounts required.

For instance, ejection fractions were at 40.9% for Ubiquinone and 47.8% for Ubiquinol; NYHA Class on Ubiquinol was 1.6, while subjects on Ubiquinone were at 2.5.

Authors: Langsjoen PH and Langsjoen AM

Department: East Texas Medical Center and Trinity Mother Francis Hospital, TX, USA

Presented at: 6th Conference of the International Coenzyme Q10 Association, Brussels, Belgium