Enhancement of Fat Oxidation by Licorice Flavonoid Oil in Healthy Humans during Light Exercise

The study investigated the effects of ingestion of LFO on energy metabolism, including fat oxidation, by measuring body surface temperature under resting conditions and respiratory gas analysis under exercise conditions in healthy humans.

The study showed that ingestion of a single 600 mg dose of LFO elevated body trunk skin temperature when measured in a slightly cooled air-conditioned room, and increased oxygen consumption and decreased the respiratory exchange ratio as measured by respiratory gas analysis during 40% Vo2max exercise with a cycle ergometer. Furthermore, repeated ingestion of 300 mg of LFO for 8 days decreased respiratory exchange during the recovery period following 40 min of 30% Vo2max exercise on a treadmill. These results suggest that LFO enhances fat oxidation in humans during light exercise.

Journal: Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology - J-Stage

Authors: Mori N, Nakanishi S, Shiomi S, Kiyokawa S, Kakimoto S, Nakagawa K, Hosoe K, Minami K, Nadamoto T

Department: Nutrition Sciences, School of Human Culture, University of Shiga Prefecture

Abstract link: www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26639849